Japanese Food


Actually I love food from another country. It’s different from a lokal.
In Aceh, it hard to find a foreign food. You must have a community, a same community who love a another culture, and of course you can eat another food. Different from your country.

It doesn’t mean that i don’t love my lokal food. I think it better for me, if i can taste other food. Like korean food, japanese food, turki food, american and so on.

But, in the end of 2012. I can find a restorant who served a foreign country. From Japan.

I love takoyaki and okonomiyaki very much. It’s cheap, they sell takoyaki just Rp 10.000,-/package.
And okonomitaki just Rp 5.000,/ package.



They Also have a Kakigori, japanese ice cream. You can choose a green tea or chocolate for kakigori. And it just Rp 7.000,- Hmmm.. Yummy.




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