Love is not something you creat love for, it just happen!

You will find love and lose love and you have to work hard to find it again and you lose again.

Love will find you!

Love is not go in the straight hand, they like a curve, twisted, a bomb!


That’s some quote in Justin Timberlake’s song- Not A Bad Think. This Music Video tell us about love. How people think about love, and in focus the anchor looking for a man who purpose his girlfriend in a train on January 12nd, 2014 by playing Justin Timberlake’s song, Not A Bad Think. Both would make a documentary about this couple, and they looking aroud and try hard to find this couple.

“I think this couple is inspiring.  I think the story remainded the romance’s died and than you can still look around and see love everywhere,” said Brooke on this MV.


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